Grateful for the Dads in My Life / by Leslie

This is my Dad, circa 1975, standing in a cooler that he was building with his brother Grant (who took the photo.) Wasn't he super cool? 

Happy Father's Day Dad!


This is Chris's Dad at their house in Cape Cod, circa 1965. Also super cool, right?

Happy Father's Day Jerry!


Now here's Chris at the skate park yesterday. It's the new cool. Smoking devices have been replaced with sunglasses. Milo and Quinn have so much to live up to, don't you think?

Happy Father's Day Chris!


On Friday after dinner we took Chris down to the creek to show him some rock towers we built for him for Father's Day. He loves going down to the creek with the boys, so we wanted to do something special down there for him. It's gotten so green and lush and the creek was rushing, full of water, from a rain storm just a few hours before we took these pictures. The towers weren't that big, but it's always neat to see strange little rock piles along a body of water. 

We are both lucky to have those super cool Dads in the photos above still in our lives. Milo, Quinn and I are lucky to have Chris taking care of us. He is a devoted, caring Dad who is present for us for so much of every single day.

Today though, because of recent events, my head keeps wandering to the people who aren't so lucky. The people who don't have a Dad to hug, talk to or share this life with anymore. Whether it happens when we are four or forty, when our Dads leave us, it is always too soon. 

I do hope that all those people struggling with today are able to find some comfort in a photograph, a shared story, or an object that was close to their Dad. Whoever and whatever our Dads were, however long they were with us, they always leave us with something. They are in our bones, our blood, our heart forever. They are half of us. The more we remember and share, the better we might feel. Try to feel the presence of your Dad on this day and not the absence. He might be closer than you think.

Whether your Dad is here with you or not, I'd love to hear about one of your favorite memories or see one of your favorite photos. Share it in the comments, or send me an email through the "Email Me" form in the top navigation.

Happy Father's Day.