Big Balloons and Multicolored Banners / by Leslie

For Milo's recent 5th Birthday I wanted easy decorations with a lot of impact. Balloons immediately came to mind and when I saw a post on Design Mom about oversized balloons I was sold on the idea. The best place to buy 24" balloons is from an online balloon wholesaler that supplies car dealerships. We got a bag of 24" balloons for $15 and I also picked up two 120' multicolored banners for $13 each. We were able to string banners around the entire house, the screened porch, the backyard and a strip across the road. The greatest expense was renting the helium from the local party store, we needed a medium tank to fill about 25 balloons and it was $100. It was such a great way to make the house festive, so that when Milo woke up on his birthday you couldn't help but feel like it was a party.