Happy Birthday to my Sister Jill / by Leslie

Today is my sister's birthday. Here's a picture of her the day she was born. Isn't she just the cutest? 

There is my Mom (who is in the hospital today awaiting surgery at 5pm NYC time). It's one of those weird family days when the good and the not-so-good butt up against each other and you don't really know how to feel. 

All those years ago, on this same day, my Mom was also in the hospital. Somehow I am comforted by that fact. Today will go well for my Mom simply because it is my sister's birthday. Also, so many people have sent well wishes. That positive energy is surrounding my Mom today and I thank everyone who sent an email, left a comment here or on Facebook, or who messaged or called. The love and support from our family and friends always amazes me.

Back to Jill though! It's her birthday and so to celebrate here are a few adorable pictures of her and I as little kids.

We had an idyllic childhood, playing together constantly, the best of friends. We fought a lot as young teens though, over clothes and stuff, and when I moved away from home at sixteen, she was pretty upset with me. We had a good laugh over some letters that we wrote each other from back then, bickering over six dollars that I owed her and struggling to figure out our relationship.

I came home though and my college years in Calgary were wonderful with her and I living together and having more fun than ever. Then I left again, this time to New York, but we've remained close and we love our precious time together when we fly out to visit each other. One day we will live in the same city again, even if we are old and wrinkled.

Jill surprised me for my 30th birthday, flying to NY from Canada to jump out of a box.

Jill's favorite thing to do is shop in New York City.

Celebrating Jill's wedding in 2008.

These days, my favorite thing is to see my sister with my kids. She's a great auntie and they love her so much. Happy birthday to my sister Jill today! Wishing her a wonderful, beautiful day.