Still on Vacation / by Leslie

We are still on vacation here in Canada. Chris has gone home and it's just me and the two kiddos in Calgary with my sister. We've been having so much fun with friends and family, playing in the sun and enjoying our time with everyone. 

I had high hopes of publishing while I was here, but it just hasn't happened. Sorry about that, but I will have lots to tell when I get home next week.

My thoughts are with my Mom, who is going through a bit of a health crisis right now, and my cousins who have had to move out of their home due to fire and smoke damage from a destructive fire in the house next door to them. It feels like the universe is still dealing out some challenges to those around me and it makes me appreciate even more the beautiful moments of connection that I have had with them while I am here.

Milo and Quinn are blissfully unaware and just continue to enjoy each and every moment of fun that we are having. Thank goodness for the wonderful innocence of children.

We are off to the Stampede Parade tomorrow morning and I hope to catch a glimpse of the Duke and Duchess. Otherwise, the parade should be a wonder for the boys with all the horses, bands and floats. They've never seen something this big before.