Alone at the Lake / by Leslie

Way back in May, before the beach was officially open and the summer got a little crazy, I took the boys to the lake. They had been playing in the water a little bit but the park ranger came over to tell me that they were not allowed to swim because there were no lifeguards. This was the same day that I took those neat sand photos.

Some poeple might think it's particularily lonely to be at the beach when no one else is there, but for me, it's my favorite time to go. We felt like it was our own private place and the kids can wander far without me having to worry about them disappearing in the crowd.

Early season empty beaches are long gone, but soon you will be able to find late season freedom. After labor day it gets a little chillier, but plan to visit your favorite summer spot when the crowds are gone. You can have the place to yourself and extend your summer just a tiny bit longer.