Blooming Lilies and Plans to Expand / by Leslie

My backyard lilies bloomed about a month ago, just as we returned from our trip to Canada this summer. I was happy to be able to photograph them this year. My passion for photography has re-emerged in this last year of blogging and I'm finding that for all the things that I love to do, this is what I am the best at and what I enjoy the most. 

In keeping with the blooming flower as a metaphor, I am finally making plans to expand the photography section of this site. The only thing in that section before was my portfolio, which you can now find in the far right column under "Featured Content", just click the graphic to go there. For now I have removed "Photography" from the upper navigation until I can spend some quality time designing it and creating some new content. 

I am looking forward to working on content that is specifically photography related, like how-to's, guides and tips. If there is anything you are interested in learning about from me, any questions you have about how or what I do with my photography, please leave me a comment or send me an email and I can address it in the new section.

I polished up my About Me page, re-cropping the photo and making the content easier to read with sub-headings. I also added a link to my new professional profile on I added my email address and twitter handle to my Contact Me page as well. I hope this makes it easier for people to get in touch.

I removed my affiliate links, as they weren't doing anything for me and were just taking up valuable space. Maybe some day in the future, when I have a larger readership I will again consider advertising, but for now this site will be advertising free and all products featured here are non-sponsored.

I added links to the most recent posts and the most recent comments, those appear in the middle column, which is now dedicated to links for navigating site content. My category list is still there, below the recent posts and comments, but simplified without type size changes and with the number of items in each category included in brackets.

I hope these changes will make it easier for you to find what you are looking for and to navigate and browse my older content more easily. If you have any other suggestions or requests, I am happy to hear them!

Equipment: Canon EOS 5D Mark II & EF 24-70mm f/2.8L USM lens
Exposures: top & bottom: ISO 400, 1/60 secs at f/2.8, middle: ISO 800, 1/60 secs at f/2.8
Lighting: Natural light