Walking the High Line in New York City / by Leslie

Ever since I heard about the IDEA of the High Line over 12 years ago, I thought it was the coolest thing ever. It took a few years for the city to support the effort and a few more years to design and build it but section one of the High Line was officially open in June 2009 and section two opened in June of this year. I've been waiting for the day when I got to check it out for myself and check this item off my Life List. Read about the history of the High Line.

Jill at Terra Savvy made a trip there with her family in the early summer and it reminded me that I really needed to go there too. I was finally able to go a few weeks ago when one of our best friends was in town with her daughter. It was awesome. I do wish I had been able to relax a little more though, with the kids and the strollers it was a bit busy, but we did get to sit and just enjoy watching the people walk by the end of the afternoon.

If I lived in the city I would make regular excuses to head over to that part of town so I could walk north or south on the high line. It's really more than a walkway though, it's a destination in itself, a place to go and stay if you like. We spent most of our time in section one because Quinn fell asleep in Chris's arms and refused to go in the stroller, so we had to sit down and missed section two. There is a third section, around the West Side Rail Yards, and it's still up in the air whether or not it will be developed as a park and be continuous with sections one and two.

The design of the High Line is incredible, they have done an amazing job blending nature with the city. Nature is beautiful all by itself, but somehow the contrast of the cement and nature together just heightens the experience of both. I love the cement pieces that fit together loosely around the edges to blend with nature, the remnants of train tracks, the vendors, the water feature, the deck chairs and benches and the private spaces. The amphitheater with the street below as a stage is amazing and the artwork hanging on the walls of buildings for ideal viewing from the path are genius.

If you are in New York, you MUST check it out. I hope to return one or two more times before the cold weather comes. I'm so thankful to our friends L and H for suggesting that we go there and it was wonderful to spend the day with them. We love them so much, aren't they pretty? And I absolutely LOVE how adorable Milo is with H.