Quinn's First Day of Preschool / by Leslie

Quinn started school this month, just like Milo. He's going to the same preschool that Milo went to for the last two years. So far he is really enjoying it and has not had any issues with me leaving him. Crossing my fingers that it doesn't change! Over the summer, they both went to a few weeks of "camp" there, so Quinn was already adjusted to me leaving him there. He is four months younger than Milo was when he started preschool, so I was expecting there to be a few tears, but I guess we got it all out during the first week of camp over the summer.

Quinn is so funny. When I asked him to pose for pictures before school, he saluted me. I'm not totally sure why, but I think Chris and Milo must have taught him that. He was pretty proud of himself, after all the fanfare about Milo starting school I think he enjoyed having his own day, with his name tag and backpack. I have a smaller backpack that would fit him better, but he is insisting on using the giant backpack that matches the one Milo is using. He almost fell over this morning taking it off at school, but I cannot talk him out of it.

When we picked him up after the first day, he said, "Guess what Mom?! I didn't cry!" and then he added, "I had FUN!" When we arrived he was playing in one of the playhouses with two little girls. I saw that he was able to shut the door when they couldn't and when another boy ran up to play, Quinn scared him off. It's amazing how some of these little scenes play out and illustrate the basics of human nature! Of course I told him that wasn't nice and he should play with everyone, but he looked at me and I'm sure he was thinking, "Why would I want to do THAT? I've got two pretty girls in here and I'm not sharing them with nobody!"

Anyway, all my adult projecting aside, it's super cute to see Quinn in a group of kids his own age. I know that this will be a wonderful experience for him and he will grow and change in all kinds of wonderful ways. He's such a big boy now! Hard to believe he was a babe in my arms just three years ago. I'm so proud of the little boy he is becoming.