Taking the Leap and Adapting to Change / by Leslie

For some reason I have always loved change. As a kid I would rearrange my room every few months, I would set up new play areas, or a desk. I was always looking for adventure and I always wanted more and better. I love new adventures, travel, different places and I am a bit resistant to routines and traditions. I blame it partly on my pioneering ancestors who immigrated to Canada with nothing but a capacity for hard work. They HAD to change if they wanted to survive. I'm not sure where the rest comes from, but my desire for something greater and different has always been a main driving force in my life.

However, it seems to me that very few people like change. It's disorienting, we feel lost and unsure. Just look at all the noise people are making about the Facebook changes. It's a bit surprising to me, although one thing I have learned is that people most often oppose change the most when they don't understand it or when it is forced upon them. When I used to launch redesigned Web sites, it always seemed to go better when we explained why we were making changes and how it would make people's lives better.

So, what can you do when life changes on you? (Because it will. It always does.) To get better at accepting and embracing change it helps to understand the change and to try to find the silver lining. Always focus on what good will come out of the change. Try to accept it and even embrace it. The sooner that you are able to do that, the easier and happier your life will be. Raising children can be the ultimate test in accepting change. Things change with kids by the month when they are babies and each year as they get older. 

When challenged by change in your life, try to see it from a child's point of view. They LOVE change, it's exciting and adventurous, it's new and wonderful. It's an opportunity to learn and grow. Yes, it's weird and uncomfortable at first, but once a child settles into something new, they are off and running and have forgotten about the way it was before. Children live in the moment and to get better at change, we must too.

This also applies when you decide to make a change; when you move, or have children, or change jobs. Just because you have DECIDED to change, doesn't make it any easier when it actually happens. When a new situation becomes overwhelming, we must try to forget about everything else and just appreciate the moment. Practise gratitude, look around and try to appreciate where you are. Remember that it will get easier and if you are truly unhappy with how things are you can always count on the fact that everything will certainly change once again.