Mind Mapping and Life Listing / by Leslie

Two weeks ago I posted about the work I was doing in Karen's Path Finder course. The first two weeks were full of reflections about who we were, what we loved and some big visual ideas about where we would like to go. In the third week, we used the foundations of the previous two weeks to get busy setting practical goals with a colorful Mind Map. You can see mine above.

A mind map is a visual way of relating ideas together. We put our ONE WORD in the middle, which is our guiding word for the year, and then centered all of our "light words" around it. The exercise was meant to draw out things we could do to live through our light words. For example, I can "endeavor" to "observe" more by "seeking out new adventures with my family."

After we listed everything and color coded it, we highlighted those things which we were excited to accomplish right away and then we broke it down even further by listing out the steps we needed to take to achieve those goals. I am happy that I have already been able to cross a couple of things off, like subscribe to magazines, order business cards and update my portfolio!

I've got some big plans and projects on that map and it's so much fun to brainstorm like this. Even if I don't complete half of those ideas, it's such a great way to get everything in my head down onto paper. This map is kind of like my yearly to-do list and I just love how it looks! The color and hand writing the words is just perfect for me right now. There would have been a time when I would have insisted on doing this in the computer, but doing that would have taken all the fun and integrity out of it. It's reminded me how much I love to sketch.

That was last week. This week we have been working on Life Lists. Karen has renamed them Life Menus to better reflect the concept that we don't have to do everything on our list, it's meant as a list that we can pick and choose from as we like, much like a menu at a restaurant. She also has a structured approach that has me completely overhauling my list. I've moved my old list to a permanent home on this site and added a menu item up at the top to get to it. We get our last prompt tomorrow and I'll be updating the whole thing over the weekend, so stay tuned next week for a reworked and better organized Life List Menu.

Also keep your eye out for the revealing of my new business cards next week too, I used a fantastic company called Moo and made use of a printing method that allows designers to print up to 50 different images on the flip side of the card. For a photographer, it's like a mini portfolio in your pocket! I'm so excited about my cards and I can't wait to show them to you.