Milo's First Live Band / by Leslie

Over the weekend, we met some friends at the Tuscan Cafe for some live music. It was early enough that the kids could come and Milo was enthralled. He loved all the band equipment and he sat attentively for most of the set. The band, Wooden Heart, was impressive with a big sound and a funky vibe. The singer was adorable and awesome, playing guitar and ukulele and she was joined by four band mates playing guitar, drums, bass, sax and trumpet. It was such a rich, wonderful sound that grew at one point, so magically, that I got all choked up watching Milo witness his first real live show.

Meanwhile, Quinn was weaving in and out of the crowd, restless and full of energy. He had on some super earphones, that blocked out a lot of the sound, but he still grew tired of the whole thing after a little while. He is still too young, but oh my goodness, was it ever cool to go see a live band with my kids. I cannot wait to do it again. It's like taking them to the drive in, this rarely done, adult kind of thing, that just feels awesome to bring them into.

With all of Chris's experience playing in bands and performing shows, it's easy to forget that Milo had never seen it for real. Chris pretend plays "band" with the boys, where they write songs and hire a booking agent (me) and get paid (or not) and play live. The band breaks up and then gets back together. It's pretty funny. Chris knows the routine so well that he brings all of the real life parts of being in a band into their play. 

These shots were taken with my new Olympus PEN E-P3. I have been looking for the perfect camera to take with me when my Canon 5DMII is just too heavy, cumbersome or awkward to shoot with. I really love to document everything that I do, but the iPhone was just not cutting it for me and I was leaving my big camera at home rather than carry it around with me and strain my neck or bring it to restaurants and other crowded places where it might get banged around or spilled on. The Olympus is awesome, small enough to carry around my neck and not worry about it, but with a high enough quality of image that I don't feel like my images are so far below the quality I am used to.

It's a micro 4/3 camera, which means it has a larger sensor than a standard point and shoot camera, and it has removable lenses that are also larger than a standard point and shoot. This adds up to better image quality and more flexibility for shooting in lower light situations and with greater depth of field. I got it with the 17mm f/2.8 lens and the 45mm f/1.8 lens. For these shots I was shooting with the 17 mm on Auto (the camera came literally hours before we went out) but I have since learned how to make adjustments in manual mode and I have tried out the 45mm. It's an amazing lens with wonderful depth of field.

I look forward to sharing more images from this camera!