Recent Good Things / by Leslie

Life is busy these days, I'm feeling a bit stressed and if I can be totally honest, kind of grumpy today. So I decided to post about some recent good things, as a practice in gratitude, to remind myself that life is pretty good and I just have to keep chipping away at all the things I am working on. I hope you can find some inspiration from them too.

Jen Lee's Telling Your Story. I have been listening to the CD included with this wonderful workbook, about how to begin telling our personal stories and I've already learned so much. I wish I had 100 straight hours to just sit and write. I have to remind myself that this is a lifetime kind of project and to just take it one step at a time.

Amy from Just a Titch reminds us all to be kind. Online or anywhere. Please read this. It's so important. People love to point out mistakes and correct each other and just generally not be very supportive. It sucks. I understand we all need to vent and constructive criticism is helpful when it's asked for, but in general if you can be a light in the world and bring joy to others, that's just so much better. Be nice to someone today.

Nursing Portraits. I've been looking for a photography/writing project to focus on and my friend Jill encouraged me towards documenting Mothers nursing their babies. I don't know yet what the end result will be, a website, a book, or something else entirely, but I shot my first portrait on Wednesday. It was fun and I know I want to do more. If you live in the NYC area, especially in Orange County, are nursing your child, and would like to be a part of my project, please drop me a line!

Altitude Design Summit. I am both nervous and excited about going to Salt Lake City next week for the Altitude Design Summit. I'm totally looking forward to all the learning and networking that I will be doing, but I am currently stressing out over WHAT TO PACK. This weekend I plan to tackle my wardrobe and suitcase. If you are going and are also stressing out about this, be sure to download Design Crush's wardrobe planner and schedule and check out Nicole's fashion picks, especially for the Winter White party. Julee has also pulled together some other important things you might want to pack. Stay tuned for more reports on this fantastic event.

Elementary School Science Symposium. I have volunteered for this fantastic event at my son's school and I will be designing the t-shirts and six posters about current scientists. The theme is The Future of Science and I'm excited about being involved in this project. If I hadn't been an artist, I might have been a scientist.

1950s Radio in Color at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. The Rock Hall has taken 30 images from this book about Radio DJ Tommy Edwards and enlarged and framed them for an exhibit that opened yesterday. If you are in Cleveland, be sure to stop by and check it out. We are heading there in March for an event in conjunction with the show, stay tuned for details about that. I think Chris will be interviewed on stage by Terry Stewart, the Rock Hall President.

Music I'm listening to. Lana Del Ray - Video Games. Wild Flag - Romance. Deerhunter - Helicopter. Massive Attack - Protection. The Black Keys - Lonely Boy (BTW: The Lonely Boy video star was cast as an extra, but when they saw his dancing moves, they decided to change their concept. Watch for the director peeking out in the background at 0.29.) Real Estate - It's Real. Foster the People - Helena BeatJesus and Mary Chain - Happy When It Rains. M83 - Midnight City.