Life List: Origami Animals / by Leslie

One of the items that I added to my Life List during Karen Walrond's Pathfinder class was: Fold 20 Origami Creatures. It's in the "Good Things On Repeat" category, but truthfully, it also fits in the "Trying New, Not Particularly Serious, Stuff (Whimsy)" category. This goal was just going to be fun. Last weekend when we drove up to Woodstock for the afternoon I saw an origami kit to make sea creatures at the fabulous toy store Tinker Toys and I had to snap it up and get started on this goal. I wasn't planning on doing this one this year, so I hadn't put it on my five goals list at Camp Mighty, but I really enjoyed it so I think my five goals need a little adjustment. My Life List is totally flexible and always changing and there should always be room to change things if they feel right, or wrong. More on that later!

I love folding paper, it's like doing a puzzle for me, meditative and thoughtful. The key is clear instructions and understanding what the different symbols mean. This kit has very good instructions. Besides the pleasure of creating the sea creatures out of paper, I also loved photographing them. I started out shooting them on my white table, but they were just crying for more of an environment. Our blue anti-slip bathtub mat made a perfect underwater backdrop. Doesn't it look like they are floating in water? I also propped two of them up with toothpicks and then air brushed the sticks out in Photoshop.

I hope you love them as much as I do. Next? I want to find instructions for a set of Safari creatures. I'd love to try my hand at a Giraffe or Elephant.

Camera Settings

Focal Length: 70 mm, Exposure: 1/60 sec at f/2.8, ISO 400

Lighting: Natural Light from my wall of windows.