Valentine's Day Ideas / by Leslie

I've been seeing some fantastic Valentine's ideas out there and I wanted to share.

Not MarthaSurprise Crackers
"My love of traditional English Christmas Crackers (the paper sort, not the edible sort) has been well documented. Since it takes two people to open one they seem like a good choice as a way to celebrate Valentine’s Day as well."

The Amber ShowGifts for your Hipster Girlfriend
"There is a group of women just below “a certain age” who embrace Miranda July fiercely, not just because she is someone we look up to, but because she makes us feel so much less alone."

Terra SavvyLove Poems
"Ah, love poems.  Have you ever received one?  Written one?  If you aren’t prolific with poetry, the Book of Love Poems may be an option for your Valentine this year.  You could take turns reading out loud to one another by candlelight.  Doesn’t that sound romantic?"

Design MomFortune Teller Valentine's
"I’m a big fan of fun candy-free Valentines. This project was inspired by the mounds of paper fortune tellers that fall from my daughter’s backpack daily. Apparently, making paper fortune tellers is THE thing to do in her fourth grade class. I have a feeling her classmates are going to love these."

Mighty Girl: Valentine's Lingerie
"He thinks Valentine’s Day is stupid. He thinks it’s a Hallmark holiday perpetuated by gift-shop owners and florists. He thinks if you’re really in love, you’ll naturally celebrate that year round anyway. He… should probably shut up now."

Meri Meri: Valentines
I bought cards for the kid's classes this year, and I spent a little extra money on some really nice ones from Meri Meri. They are the ones pictured at the top of the post. The don't sell the animal set that I got online anymore, but this Woodland Animal set is just as sweet. I love that they are gender neutral, have lots of room for the kids to draw and write their names and they come with envelopes.

Also, check out the hardcover hand bound book that I made for my husband last year and the spiral bound book that I made when we first met. I think this year will be our 10th Valentine's together! Aw, 10 years of love. I met Chris five months before that and by the time Valentine's rolled around, I knew he was a keeper. We spent it in the Florida Keys with our good friends and he rode a rickety bike to the flower shop early in the morning before I woke up to buy me white roses. Isn't he sweet?

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