An Environment in which Great Things Happen / by Leslie

It takes me a while to process things. I've been thinking non-stop about Alt Summit since I got home. I've been reading all the recaps and continuing to check the ALT twitter feed and my twitter list. I am, quite simply, obsessed. If you were there, and especially if it was your first time, you probably understand. You are likely as obsessed as I am, pouring over business cards, re-reading your notes and devouring all the fantastic posts.

I'm going to delve into the panels and what I learned from each of them next week, but my greatest high level take away was this: Create an Environment in which Great Things Can Happen.

Nobody said this directly, but it was apparent to me in so many different ways. The conference itself epitomized this idea, from the hotel, the bathrooms and the break rooms, and especially the winter white party and the Friday night mini parties. Everything about ALT raised the bar just a little bit higher and asked us all to try just a little bit harder in how we presented ourselves. 

Hearing about Pinterest and how Ben Silberman built his business was inspiring and illustrated how staying true to yourself, building strong relationships with a few key people and setting intentions, all things that contribute to the business environment at Pinterest, have allowed Ben and his business to succeed and soar.

Our blogs and creative businesses are also environments, whether it's online or in real life, and all the learning at ALT was about making those things the best that they can be so that other things, like creative collaborations, book deals, events, or magazine articles can grow out of them. Being organized, being selective and curating our content, and ensuring that our own voice shines through the noise creates an environment that is distinct and rich with opportunities.

Even how you arrange your desk and decorate your home are about creating positive environments in which you can be happy. All the same lessons apply.

If you continue to create environments in which great things CAN happen, then eventually, great things WILL happen. It's hard work, and it takes time, but it's worth it.