February Photo a Day: 8-18 / by Leslie

2.8 "Sun"

The second week and a half of this challenge was just as fun as the first week. I find I am really enjoying the process of creating interesting images with my phone. Some days I will shoot a few different things and see which turns out the best and I have been taking multiple shots to get it just right. I love the feedback I am getting on Instagram! It's great to see new followers, to have people "liking" my images and to see which images get the most feedback. I have linked each image back to Instagram, so you can see for yourself. 

2.9 "Front Door"

2.10 "Self-Portrait"

2.11 "Makes You Happy"

2.12 "Inside Your Closet"

2.13 "Blue"

2.14 "Heart"

2.15 "Phone"

2.16 "Something New"

2.17 "Time"

2.18 "Drink"