Instagram and FEB Photo-A-Day (2-7) / by Leslie

Oh how I love this picture of Quinn. It was a combination of me directing him to stand against the wall and his own adorable posing and fashion choices. Toddler Fashion = no pants + rain boots. He insisted on wearing those boots even though it wasn't raining and he took his pants off because we were at the doctor's office waiting for the doctor to come in. (It was a follow-up appointment with the pediatric urologist and he is FINE.) I just LOVE how his boots match the wall.

Afterwards we went to a diner for lunch. He is JUST old enough for this to finally be fun without too much wrangling. We had such a nice time just the two of us and I love how all three pictures color coordinate with teal colors in them. Color is really my thing you guys. I'm just figuring that out now. I totally look for the color.

Last week I posted my first image for the February Photo-A-Day Challenge and I'll be posting my additional images here on my blog every week or so. This project has been so fun! Doing it on my phone has made it easy and something I can do anywhere and I have really enjoyed the creative challenge of coming up with ideas. Search the hashtag #FEBphotaday to see what other people are doing.

2.2 - Words2.3 - Hands

2.4 - Stranger2.5 - 10:00 AM

2.6 - Dinner2.7 - Button

The images can be as literal or as abstract as you like and as staged or in the moment as you like. For the "10:00 AM" image, I moved the hands on the clock because it was 9:30 and for the "Dinner" image, I actually forgot to photograph dinner, so I created an image afterward with a plate on the table to be more metaphorical. I love the shot of Quinn's hands holding the apple, and even though I took tons of photos of hands that day, this one was the very first one I shot. Hands, by the way, are one of the hardest things to shoot. Also, the stranger image fell on a weekend, a time when it's possible that I won't leave the house. (We are home bodies and love to just hang around all weekend.) I decided to take my family out for lunch to our favorite Farmers Market, all because I needed to find a stranger to photograph. Of course we had so much fun! It's such a good thing to be motivated by outside forces sometimes, and I got four more shots that I love while we were there. 

I am loving my new commitment to my phone as my point and shoot. You might remember that I bought an Olympus camera to be my light, take-it-anywhere camera. While the images were of a much higher quality than my phone, it was a completely new piece of hardware I had to learn how to use and I realized that I'd rather just use my big camera because I already know how to make it do what I want. I returned the Olympus, not because it is a bad camera, but because it wasn't going to work for me in my process. Hell yes for trying new things, realising it's not for me and moving on.

Are you shooting for this project? Do you have fantastic iPhone images to share? Please leave me a link below to your website or your handle on Instagram so I can check it out!