Advice to Myself: Take Risks, Trust Yourself / by Leslie

Today I'm starting a series called Advice to Myself. The images will consist of my photographs overlaid with hand lettered text. I'll be posting one each Monday! Hope you enjoy.

Take Risks, Trust Yourself is fairly self explanatory, right? But I think sometimes this is very hard for me to do. Maybe it's hard for you sometimes too. I know what it means and yes, of course I want to do these things, but why and how? The why is that I must take risks to push myself out of my comfort zone and GROW. Risks often equals growth. I take a chance on something and if it works out then I win, but if it doesn't I have to be ok with the fact that at least I tried. Generally I'll learn something, even if my plan doesn't work out. The how is related to trust. Trusting myself allows me to take the risk in the first place. I must trust myself to recognise good opportunities and follow my intuition about people and projects. It also ensures that if it doesn't work out I can sort through how to do it better the next time. I trust that I will catch myself if I fall and that I will pick myself back up and try again.  

My biggest risks have been moving far away from home. I did it once when I was 16, I moved to Vancouver from my home town. It didn't last very long or work out the way I wanted, but I did take a photography course while I was there that set me on the creative path I am still on. Years later, when I was 22, I moved to the United States from Canada, first to Minneapolis and then to New York. This move worked out much better, as I had amazing jobs, met some life long friends and my husband and have stayed here to raise my family. Both moves required great leaps of faith, risk and huge trust in myself.

Do you have any examples of when you have taken a risk and trusted yourself?


Today's hand lettering is taken from the font Memphis. It is a slab serif (also called Egyptian) designed by Dr. Rudolf Wolf in 1929 for the Stempel foundry. It's a good headline font, and combines well with traditional romans. It doesn't work well with san-serif fonts and shouldn't be used for body copy.

The photograph is a self portrait taken in the back of a taxi in NYC. Camera Equipment: Canon 5D Mark II, Canon 50mm Compact Macro lens. Camera Settings: 1/125 sec at f/2.5, ISO 3200