Happy Spring! / by Leslie

Here are my Instagram photos from last week that embody the beautiful spring weather we are having!

  • The colorful stripes were a ceiling display at Target. 
  • I loved getting creative with the kids doing chalk drawings on the sidewalk. 
  • I spotted my first daffodil of the season. 
  • We took the boys on a thrilling go-kart ride and I think Chris and I might have had more fun than the kids. 
  • The last photo is Milo and Quinn wearing matching kelly green shirts on St. Patrick's Day. They are getting so big.

I really can't believe that it is spring. After the mild winter we had it seems like we didn't get enough punishing cold weather to deserve this beautiful spring, but here it is! Hope you are having a good one.

Right around this time last year I posted pictures of a walk that we took on the Appalachian Trail when it was flooded and we looked for signs of spring. If you are in the area, it would be a great place to visit this weekend.