Photography Blogs for Inspiration / by Leslie

Yesterday Rachael left me a comment and asked which photography blogs I read for inspiration. There were enough that I decided to make my own blog post out of it. You will find these photography blogs in my Reader and Twitter feeds. Note that these are all BLOGS. If I began listing all the photography portfolios and talented photographers that I love, the list would never end. These sites don't just show you amazing pictures, but they talk about how to take your own pictures, they offer classes or they show everyday, personal images that inspire me in my own life. In some cases I have linked to the photo category on their blog to keep it relevant to photography, but please explore! These are all fantastic, generous and insightful women (and one man!) If you have any that I have missed and that you think I should read, please leave them in the comments.


Superhero Journal

Shutter Sisters

Life Refocused

The Mod Chik

MeRa Koh

Darrah Parker

Orange Girl Photographs

Elizabeth Halford

Enjoying The Small Things

The Amber Show

Katie Jane Photography

Pacing the Panic Room

Hei Astrid

That Cup of Tea

Meredith Winn

Audrey Hepburn Complex

The photograph above is of a a Polaroid Land Camera given to me by my father-in-law. I'd love to get it working again. I shot it on a vintage Samsonite suitcase I picked up at a barn sale recently. Light was direct sunlight from my skylights and I used a large piece of black velvet as a backdrop. Settings were 1/40 sec at f/8.0, ISO 100. I used a tripod and my 50mm Compact Macro lens.