Instagram Shots & Final FEB Photo a Day: 19-29 / by Leslie

I am done with the February photo a day challenge and you can see the last ten shots below. These first nine shots are the extra ones I took, and truthfully, I like most of these better than most of the images that I shot for this last week of the challenge. This project pushed me to think creatively with the phone on my camera and I learned how to use it to capture more than just snap shots. I really enjoyed doing a similar thing every day for a month and even though I am not doing the new one for March, I will certainly continue trying to capture creative images with my phone and posting them to Instagram. Thanks for following along!

I'd love to hear what you think of daily creative challenges. Amy Turn Sharp is doing a poem a day for the entire year on her blog and Lisa Congdon is doing hand lettering every day for the entire year. I admire the dedication to an entire year and maybe if I can think of something that I could sustain I will do one next year. For THIS year though, I like the idea of doing a few monthly challenges, so let me know if you know of any others like this and stay tuned to see what I come up with for myself.


February Photo-a-Day 19th - 29th

2.19 "Something I Hate to Do" - The dishes.2.20 "Handwriting" - Milo's (5 yrs old) book report.

2.21 "A Fav Photo of Me" - My 30th Bday.2.22 "Where I Work" - My desk by the window.2.23 "My Shoes" - Black Frye boots.2.24 "Inside My Bathroom Cabinet" - Bottles on a glass shelf.

2.25 "Green" - My eyes.2.26 "Night" - Hot mint tea and the TV.2.27 "Something I Ate" - A pineapple.2.28 "Money" - Yellow Hobo clutch.2.29 "Something I Am Listening To" - My husband's Crosley record player and Cal Tjader's Soul Sauce.