Realizing Empathy: Help Me Fund this Kickstarter! / by Leslie

I want this book. It's called Realizing Empathy and it is an inquiry into why we make things by Seung Chan Lim (better known as Slim.) It's beautifully designed, thoughtful and passionate. I just know it's filled with smart, inspired thinking. BUT! There is chance that it won't get made. Unless Slim can raise $10,000 in a week, I will not get my book.

I pledged $60 for a signed copy of the book. I'm in and now I need your help. If 200 of you pledge $50 to buy the unsigned version of the book then he will reach his goal. THAT'S TOTALLY DOABLE IN A WEEK, RIGHT??!! I will get my copy, which I badly want, and you will get yours and we can all read it and get smarter about why we are creative, why we make things like art and design and stories. If we are smarter about WHY we make things, then I think we can can make even BETTER things.

I'm always wondering why I make things. What is the reason? What is the point? Why make art? This book dives into all those questions and tries to find an answer. The theory is that the point of making things is to empathize. Not just to sympathize with someone else's situation or condition but to EMPATHIZE. To understand it, fully. To stand in someone's shoes and know how they feel and what they might think. If you can empathize with someone, you will be kinder, more generous and this world will be a better place.

So please, join me in pledging at least $50 to this kickstarter project. If we can get 200 people to do this, we will all be smarter, nicer and happier people. Let's do this thing for Slim. Let's fund his project THIS WEEK and get this book made. If you pledge, please leave a comment and spread the word on your own networks. We can make this happen! I want my book!

Don't just take my word for it: