Mother's Day Gifts / by Leslie

I hope everyone had a nice Mother's Day weekend! I spent my time painting on Saturday and with my family on Sunday. The kids made me awesome little hand made gifts with help from their teachers and from Chris. They gave me love notes, hand prints and a decoupaged box. I got to sleep in on Saturday and they brought me flowers, cards and kisses on Sunday (at 6:30 am, so it was a good thing I slept in the day before!) It was simple and quiet and I really enjoyed just being with them. Of course, having had almost all afternoon on Saturday alone to paint satisfied that part of my soul, so on Sunday I was fully present with all of them. 

I also wanted to share this excellent quote from my friend Pam at Outside Voice:

"Special thoughts to the Moms who can't hug their kids, the kids that can't hug their Moms, the ladies still waiting for their chance and all the aunts that make this world sparkle uncontrollably. Today is your day, too. xo" 

I thought that was such a beautiful way to acknowledge what this day might sometimes overlook. It's important for us to be grateful on this day for all that we have and all that we hold in our hearts. Thank you Pam.

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How was your Mother's Day? Please share!