A Feather / by Leslie

Have you seen the movie Dumbo recently? Do you remember the scene where the birds give him a magic feather to help him fly? I was thinking about that when I drew this feather. Dumbo could already fly, but he just needed a little confidence. 

I feel that way sometimes. Like I have all the skills and talents required to do great things, but I just can't quite figure out how to get off the ground. I get a great idea and I start working on it but it just doesn't go where I want it to, or it ends up being more work that I anticipated. I focus on one thing and something else suffers. I rebel against rules and constraints, while still trying to figure out the formula for success. 

All of these courses and conferences I have been attending have stirred up so much good stuff, about what I love and who I want to be, but I feel like there are so many different possibilities that I can't make up my mind about which one is my best shot. At the Mom 2.0 Summit, Stacey Ferguson did one of the 7 minute talks and explained that it's ok to be multi-passionate. I don't have to choose just one path and I can pursue all my passions at once if I figure out the common thread and a way to make them all work together and complement each other. That is what I am trying to do.

I think I have also reached the point where I need to define WHY I am doing these things. What is my end goal? What is my success matrix? I believe it has grown beyond simply having a creative outlet and doing this for my own personal fulfillment and enjoyment. I want to inspire people, I want to build a community, I want to make some money. When I wrote my piece for BlogStar, I think I came the closest I have ever been to defining why I write, take pictures and make art.

I want to fly, I just need a feather to help me get off the ground. It will be that magic thing that sets me apart, the secret ingredient, the awesome idea. It feels like it is on the tip of my tongue, I just need to grasp it. I know I will get it, I just have to keep working at it. Re-assessing, re-evaluating, re-calibrating. I just need to keep learning, creating and connecting and one of these days it will all coalesce into something amazing.