Ready for Adventure / by Leslie

I love everything about this image of a stamp you can buy from Ann Marie Loves Paper on Etsy (via Swiss Miss), but what spoke to me the most was the sentiment. Ready for Adventure.

A confession: I'm bored. (I feel like 10 year old me on summer vacation.) You might be surprised by this statement. Truthfully I am a little too. But after all the adventures I have been having, I just want more. I remember a time in my life when it was ALL adventures and I miss that. 

A couple of months ago I got really excited about moving again, and a lot of that excitement came from the idea of shaking up our lives a bit and embarking on a new adventure. I am not really a creature of habit, I tend to run from tradition and I dislike doing things twice. Generally, my feeling is if we can do it differently and learn something new, let's do that! Keep it interesting, fresh and fun. Find new ways to do things and different ways to live.

The problem is that this tendency can also be destructive, for people who love and find comfort in stability and the same things, for situations that you have spent time building up, for children. Adventures can be expensive; travelling, staying in new places, signing up for classes and conferences. And finally, adventures can be stressful and exhausting.

I guess the key is to find smaller adventures within the framework of an established domestic life, which I am totally doing. But I have to say that I long for a big move again, I am slightly envious of people who seem to have a freer life and who are untied to family or work responsibilities and can change things quickly. And man, do I wish I had unlimited resources to fund all my adventures.

I think I also want more adventures to happen to me without me having to plan them. Am I whining now? Sorry about that. Part of the reason that I loved living in the city was that all I had to do was walk down the street and there were surprises everywhere. There were amazing things and people to see that I had no idea I would come across. Here, upstate, the trees are beautiful but the landscape is kind of the same every single day. You have to make your own adventures, and just like how it's not as ticklish when you tickle yourself, making your own adventures sometimes isn't as fun as when they just kind of happen to you.

I really feel silly saying this at all, it's so full of privilege and ridiculousness. Again, I feel like a child whining about being bored when there are hundred toys around me to play with. But it's a real feeling and it can become a real problem if I don't say it out loud and try to solve it. 

Obviously I have to keep pushing myself creatively, I think I need to find a few new fun things to do with the kids this summer and I hope that Chris and I can find a few adventures just for ourselves as well. We have a mini vacation planned for the end of June, to stay in Brooklyn for two nights and check out Amanda Palmer's fantastic New York Kickstarter events for her new album. We also have two vacations planned with family, one with my family in Canada and one with Chris's family in Cape Cod. And while we are sort of doing the same thing for each vacation that we have done on past vacations with our respective families, I hope within each of those we can find adventures that we haven't done before. Like comfort camping in Dinosaur Park or Whale Watching in Hyannis.

I also find that just getting together with good people increases the likelihood of adventures happening. I think I should host a few get-togethers this summer. I generally shy away from hosting because it can be so much work to cook and clean, but I think if I can find a few easy ways to host a get-together, it might help. Here are some ideas for a porch party from Helen Jane. I don't need to cook a four course meal, but maybe just invite people over for snacks and drinks in the afternoon.

How do you feel about adventures? Surprises? Any tips for how I can increase my adventures without jumping on a plane to an exotic locale?