Travelling to Canada / by Leslie

Yesterday was a travel day to Canada. We were up at 3 am for an 8 am flight to Calgary. The airport and flight went off without a hitch, we did long term parking and were at the airport early enough to miss the lines. The kids were great on the flight, Quinn slept for a few hours and Milo was watching the TV quietly and contentedly the whole flight. We arrived in Calgary and my sister Jill picked us up, drove us to get our rental car and then we had lunch at the Farmer's Market with her. We drove down to the historic town of Nanton, and visited the Museum of Miniatures, the Bomber Museum and an epic candy store. More on those later.

We stayed at my sister Tracy's place for the night and were the first guests in her new guest room! What an honor. The Alberta landscape is again calming my soul with wide open fields, big skies and beautiful canola crops in bloom. The header picture of my blog, with that beautiful yellow color, is a canola field. I hope to be able to capture a few new pictures today on our drive to my parent's place.

I feel like I am now a fairly good traveller with the kids, we packed light this time and each of them are big enough to carry their own backpacks. We bring a few toys, some cuddly animals, snacks and earphones that fit over their ears for the plane. Did you know that you are not allowed to wear the big earphones over your ears during take off and landing? Only the earbud style are allowed. 

We debated about bringing the stroller, as Quinn is almost old enough not to need it, but I'm glad that we had it in the airport. If he decides he doesn't want to walk, it's a nightmare if we have to carry him because he is so big. I do look forward to the day when we can bring even less! I remember the first time we packed for a trip and I swear I brought every single thing that we might possibly need. Diapers alone would take up half the suitcase. I love that things like travelling get so much easier as they get older.