It's Summer. I'm Lazy. / by Leslie

Hi. I've got summer fever. All I want to do is read about Tom and Katie and then take a nap. 

We were invited to two awesome birthdays in the last week for some very sweet four year olds. That's Milo up above, covered in body paint at one of them.

Today the boys are playing so nicely and quietly.

I'm trying to remember why I blog. What is the reason? Who is my audience? I'm kind of burning out on the blog-as-a-job thing. (It doesn't pay very well and it takes so much time!) Or at least the blog-that-needs-new-content-every-other-day thing. I want to focus on a few longer term projects that need to happen behind the scenes, like writing a book or making art, and sometimes it feels like blogging takes time away from those things since it is always a top priority, it needs to be maintained and new posts need to go up two or three times a week. It's this constant distraction from my bigger, more long term goals.

If I had more alone time, like 8 solid hours 5 times a week, I know I could do most of what I want, but I don't have that kind of time with two little kiddos running around. I want to spend time with them and be lazy and enjoy summer too. 

I don't know what the answer is and this is a stream of consciousness post so I'm sure tomorrow I will be feeling better and making a list of possible post topics, but for now I have the greatest urge to shut down the blog and focus instead on just enjoying life. Or perhaps redesign the blog to better reflect my goals.

At any rate, it's summer, and I'm going to go relax. Hope you are enjoying it too.