Flying to Cape Cod / by Leslie

After two days in Calgary helping my Aunt sort through some of my Grandma's belongings, I am flying to Cape Cod to join my husband and kids on a family vacation with his family.

Awesome thing of note: I am on the internet at 30,000 feet.

I took this picture the last time we were in Cape Cod. Chris's family rents a house there for the week and we got the same place we were at last time. It's a beautiful view and I'm looking forward to seeing it again.

I've been immersed in family this past week, and it's been incredible, but also exhausting. My cousin wrote about it on his blog and after a little beach time with the kids tomorrow I've got to edit some pictures that I took and update the Tumbler page for Iris that I made.

I've got lots to think about and process, so I hope the relaxing beach atmosphere will allow me to focus on my thoughts. Although I'm sure the boys will sweep me up in all the fun they are having too.

I'm looking forward to that, I missed them.

I'm in a weird place though. Facing the death of such a strong presence in my family life is almost overwhelming. When I left my Grandma's house I hugged her empty clothes and said good bye. She is not there anymore, but I have to remind myself that it's ok too. Sometimes the empty space that is left when someone departs is filled with things you never even knew existed.

I'm looking forward to disocvering what those things might be.