Creative People

Lisa Zukowski: Deep Meaning by Leslie Fandrich

I first met Lisa during the Open Studio Tour last Fall. When I walked into her space I was in awe, not only of the work that I saw, hanging from the ceiling, covering all the walls and stacked in piles, but also of where it was made. Her studio is a dream space. It's huge (even though she says, "Not big enough, never big enough!") and she has separate areas for painting and printmaking.

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Janet Howard-Fatta: Sensory Art by Leslie Fandrich

When Janet Howard-Fatta paints she uses more than just her sense of sight to inform and influence her work. What she can hear and sometimes smell is just as important as what she sees. The sound of the wind in the trees, the smell of the grass after it rains and the sounds of people and cars passing by give her as many clues about what and how to paint as the colors, light and shadows. The ambient sounds that she hears translate to color and form on the canvas.

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Rebecca Darlington: Another Life by Leslie Fandrich

Thirteen years ago, on her 45th birthday, Rebecca Darlington decided to finally focus on being an artist. She was out for dinner with her husband and three youngest boys (out of five!) and sitting near her was a woman turning ninety. Watching this woman celebrate her 90th year made Rebecca realize that anything was possible and that it might be time to get back to her roots of making fine art.

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