Inspiring Ideas

Building a Home Library by Leslie Fandrich

Oh how I love books. Nothing fills me with more calm and contentedness than a book. To settle in and read a good story is bliss and to have in my hand all the answers to whatever it is I am trying to learn about makes me feel confident and in control. My husband has observed that anytime I get serious about something, I buy a book about it. I have a lot of books.

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66 Women Artists You Should Know by Leslie Fandrich

In art school we learned about classic artists and "masters", art movements and art history, but somehow only a few women got into the textbooks and lectures. "The Masters" were mostly men. It wasn't because of lack of talent, women just didn't have the same opportunities or support. The ones who persevered can stand just as tall as any of the men creating work at the same time. These ladies rock.

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// BOLD // Mood Board by Leslie Fandrich

Looking at the above graphic makes me ridiculously happy. It looks like everything I want to be and feel this year. It's filled with colors, people and ideas that inspire me. That ARE me. I pick a word and make a board to focus myself and give myself guidance and power when faced with a blank canvas or piece of paper. It is my intention for this year to be BOLD.

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TED Talks: Gratitude, Perspective and Joy by Leslie Fandrich

It's Thanksgiving week here in the US and I wanted to share three TED Talks today that illustrate gratitude, perspective and joy. It's one thing to say we are grateful for what we have, but it's something else entirely when we live through something that really makes us appreciate it. After that, you might be wondering what to do during the holiday with a room full of people. Try Multiplayer thumb wrestling and experience TEN positive emotions in a minute! Have a great one friends.

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How to Boost Your Creativity by Leslie Fandrich

I believe that each person has the capacity to be creative in one way or another, whether that be dancing, singing, painting, drawing, crafting, decorating, dressing, gardening, cooking or writing. If we come up with new ideas or insights about anything, we are being creative. Creativity is the soul of life and the more creativity you bring to your life, the richer it will be.

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Fortune Favors the Bold by Leslie Fandrich

"Fortune favors the bold." 

Those were the words he spoke in the dark elevator.  We were already masked and had been told not to speak. The elevator went up, the doors opened and he let one person out. Stretching his hand across the opening he bared anyone else from leaving. The doors closed and the elevator started to go down. He spoke again, this time using my name, "Leslie.... fortune favors the bold."

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