Crafting Valentine's Cards: Messy & Fun Style / by Leslie Fandrich


I've decided I'm not a careful crafter. I'd rather be a throw-it-all-on-the-table-and-make-a-mess kind of crafter. At least, I've learned to be that way with the kids. It's just more fun. There was a time when I crafted Martha Stewart style and it's great when I'm doing my own projects but I've reached epic levels of frustration trying to get the kids to do a project a certain way.

This year Milo moaned a little bit about Valentine's cards but got very excited when I suggested that we make our own. I thought it was awesome that he wanted to get creative instead of just signing his name to store bought cards like we did last year. I have tons of art supplies on hand, so we didn't even need a trip to the store.


I cut thick white drawing paper into 3 x 4 inch rectangles and gathered up a bunch of red art supplies like decorative papers, red and gold paint, red ribbon, markers, a red dinosaur stamp and a star and hole punch. Everything went in the middle of the table and I let the kids decide what they wanted to include on each card. I gave them a little guidance, at first we worked on five cards at once so they were similar, but by the end of it they were doing their own thing on individual cards. It goes a little faster if you do five cards at once, adding the same element to each card assembly-line style.

Quinn made almost all of his own this year, with just a little help from his Dad and I thought it was adorable he was signing his name with just a "Q" by the end of it.  His cards are below and besides the dog one and the big heart, he made them all himself. I loved that he got creative with the hole punch and wanted four holes next to each other to thread the ribbon through. So clever. (He would tell me where to punch and I would do it for him.)


For the card above, Quinn asked how to spell Valentine. So freaking cute.

Milo hand-drew quite a few of his own cards as well but Chris and I did help him with some of them. All of Milo's cards are below. The top one that Milo is holding was entirely designed by him and I really love it. If you scroll down to the last image, can you guess which one of the ten cards Chris made? (Hint - when he asked for a green marker I almost didn't give him one!) It was fun to punch holes in the cards and tie a red ribbon on each one and even though it looks a little messy, I think it adds a fun element to it.


How do you like to do Valentine's cards at your house? I do prefer making them by hand, I feel like it adds just a little more love to each one, but I'm certainly not against keeping it simple and buying them. I think what is most important is that the child decides what THEY want to do. I even told them that they didn't have to do them at all, but that they wouldn't get any Valentine's if they didn't give any Valentine's. It really upped the incentive for them when they understood the give and take.

Happy Valentine's! Hope you have a wonderful LOVE day everyone!


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