Found: Wooden Spools for Thread / by Leslie Fandrich


I found these wooden spools at a yard sale for four dollars. I couldn't pass them by. They were screaming at me: MAKE SOMETHING WITH US! I don't quite know what I will do with them yet, but for now I've made this lovely photograph. Wouldn't it be a cool puzzle?

I loved sorting through all these little wooden beauties and arranging them into groups based on size, color and labeling. Some of the labels and stamps really appealed to the designer in me. I have a feeling there is a history lesson waiting for me, with a little research, I'm sure there is a story to tell about the companies that these came from.


I love to find anything that was once made of wood and is now made of plastic. Wood is so much more beautiful and tactile, isn't it? 

Do you visit yard sales? What do you look for?