Hand-drawn Letterpress Business Cards / by Leslie Fandrich

By Leslie Fandrich // Themes: Self-Promo, Letterpress // Category: Personal Work


Igloo Letterpress did it again. I needed to order new cards and I wanted to update the design to reflect the focus on my art over the last year. I sent them a challenging line drawing to include and they executed it perfectly. Beth also texted me pictures of my cards with the Pantone swatches to proof the printing while they were on press and afterwards she sent me great action shots and a video! Igloo really does go above and beyond.

The design uses elements from my previous cards, slightly rearranged, and a new line drawing of one of my collages. To create the line drawing I photographed the collage, printed it out on 8.5 x 11 sized paper, overlaid tracing paper and drew outlines around all the edges. Letterpress works better with lines and cross hatching so all the details are created that way. Once the drawing was complete I scanned it and sent it to Igloo to create a vector image that was used to make the plates for printing. They used the same Warm Red that we used last time, but the paper is a natural tone instead of bright white (Crane's Lettra 220# pearl (off-white) cotton) and we switched from a cool gray to Warm Gray 11.

I'm so thrilled with them! Thank you Igloo!