Letting the Kids Trim the Tree / by Leslie Fandrich

Last week I posted pictures of my family Christmas Tree shopping and I promised to show you pictures of us trimming it. This year I let the kids do most of the decorating and the tree is a beautiful mess of colorful, handmade ornaments.


We don't usually get too fancy with our tree and this year I was more relaxed than ever when we were decorating it. Decorating the tree can sometimes be stressful for me, the ornament boxes get opened faster than I can blink and before I know it all the decorations are covering the floor and the ones that have made it onto the tree are all front and center in one spot. It totally offends my sense of calm and order, but this year I tried to relax about it, because the kids were having fun discovering all the decorations again and whatever, I need to just let them enjoy it because it's about them, isn't it?

Chris put five strings of lights on the tree, which has to happen before anything else. I like the lights to go in nice and deep so they sparkle when you walk by. We have these fantastic globe lights that give the all white, incandescent lights some variety and those go on last. I love the kid's crafty, handmade ornaments and we also have a fun collection of colorful felt ornaments and feathery birds. I didn't even bother with balls or garland this year, I liked the idea of keeping it simple.

I'll tell you a little secret though, and it's something that I'm very proud of my husband for. In that last picture there? Right behind me and Milo there is a giant vacuum cleaner! Just a little tip for those of you that are taking pictures at home, you don't always have to clean up perfectly as long as you shoot at angles that hide the stuff you don't want to see! Well done Chris, for composing this frame so perfectly.

I've got one more post for you this week and then I will be taking time off from blogging over the Christmas break. Stay tuned for a fun twist on our holiday family portrait and then I will see you back here on January 2nd.