Limited Edition Print for ALT / by Leslie Fandrich


I made a limited edition print of "Nothing is Perfect" to give to anyone who asks to see my Portfolio book (printed thanks to Blurb!) at Alt Summit this week. It's the image I chose for the cover of the book. The prints are four inches square with a border and you can put it on your bulletin board to remind yourself to stop looking for perfection. Nothing is perfect. In fact, the beauty is in the imperfections, like the amazingly gorgeous rust pattern on an old iron furnace door I found at an antique shop.

I'm so happy with how my book turned out! I opted to upgrade to the lustre paper and it looks and feels amazing. I divided the book into six sections to match the Creative Work galleries on this site. Each section has ten images from each gallery. While it's lovely to view images on screen, there is something wonderful about holding a real book in your hands. I can't wait for you to see it for yourself.

I also made a protective sleeve for the book out of a linen bag and a red felt pocket I had that happily matches the spine of my book. I tend to collect packaging remnants like these and it was fantastic to combine them together to make a new item. The book and limited edition prints fit in them just right.


Will you be one of the lucky 50 to get a limited edition print? I hope so. Remember, ask to see my Portfolio and you can take your print out of the red pocket! They are all signed, numbered and dated on the back. Which number will you be?

See you at ALT! I can't wait for the internet to come alive! It's slightly freaking me out, but I'm trying to follow my own advice: Don't freak out!


PS. If you won't be attending ALT, you can view my Portfolio Book online at Blurb.