Spring & Summer Hiatus / by Leslie Fandrich


I've got big plans for this summer and almost all of it is offline work. I am in serious need of uninterrupted studio time to experiment and play with my writing and my art. I need to slow down, simplify and contemplate. I don't want any deadlines or expectations for myself and so I decided that the best thing I can do is put my blog on a hiatus until September so I can FOCUS. Remember that was my word of the year? It's time to get back to that.

Now listen, you know I love you right? I do. You beautiful people who visit my blog, read about what I do, and leave me thoughtful and meaningful comments are the world to me. I love my community and part of this break is also about making this space better. I promise to return with a fresh point of view and some new ideas.

I hope you have some amazing plans for the summer too. Even if amazing means laying in a hammock and reading a book.  Let me know in the comments what YOUR plans are for this summer! Are you going on vacation? Starting a band? Renting an RV and driving all over the country? (That is my dream summer in about three years.) Or maybe, like me, you are cleaning out your closets (those literal and metaphorical), re-organizing your house and your life, making plans for the future and allowing your creativity to slowly wander where it wants to, without judgement. Yeah, that sounds about right to me.

Do not fear though! I am not leaving the digital space entirely. I love my digital life and might shrivel up and die if I could not go online. You will still be able to connect with me and see what I am up to on Facebook, Twitter and Flickr. I hope to see you there. Or you can always browse my archives, there are lots of interesting and inspiring things to read in there. 

Have a great summer, take good care of yourself and your family and I will see you back here in four months!

<deep breath.........>