Creative Block: Book Review by Leslie Fandrich

I'm so excited to share this book with you! You might remember the author, Danielle Krysa, from the profile I did on her in October of last year. Her new book Creative Block is available pretty much everywhere starting TODAY and what an amazing book it is. Filled with stories, confessions, art and inspiration from 50 different fabulous artists, in it's pages you will discover many insights and strategies on how to deal with creative blocks.

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Lisa Zukowski: Deep Meaning by Leslie Fandrich

I first met Lisa during the Open Studio Tour last Fall. When I walked into her space I was in awe, not only of the work that I saw, hanging from the ceiling, covering all the walls and stacked in piles, but also of where it was made. Her studio is a dream space. It's huge (even though she says, "Not big enough, never big enough!") and she has separate areas for painting and printmaking.

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66 Women Artists You Should Know by Leslie Fandrich

In art school we learned about classic artists and "masters", art movements and art history, but somehow only a few women got into the textbooks and lectures. "The Masters" were mostly men. It wasn't because of lack of talent, women just didn't have the same opportunities or support. The ones who persevered can stand just as tall as any of the men creating work at the same time. These ladies rock.

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