Apple Cider Donuts and Something Like Balance by Leslie

With these two pictures, last week became Fall for me. It seems to hit me at different times every year, but this year we were on the beach until the day before school started for my oldest and my youngest's school started just last week, so it wasn't until last week that it really felt like Fall to me. All of a sudden I was eating apple cider donuts and noticing the beautiful yellow colors appearing all around me. I even had a beer over the weekend, a PUMPKIN beer. It didn't really taste like pumpkins, but it had that warm, cozy feeling that I was craving. Good bye ocean and white wine, hello fireside beers. 

I love seasonal changes. I love changes, period, and seasonal cycles are rejuvenating for me. Most of all though, Fall is simply my favorite time of year. It always has been, with my birthday and school starting, Fall always feels like a time of new beginnings for me. I've been cleaning and organizing my house like a mad women the last two weeks, sorting through YEARS of artwork and school work for the boys, figuring out a system for incoming papers and for storing keepsakes. Also, clothes. Sorting, donating, organizing. Such a sea of clothes, for me and the boys. It's done now and what a relief to have all those things organized.

So, fully into the season, routines established and shelves sorted, I can now get to work. I'm creating a new mood board for the year with a new word of the year, to be revealed soon. I'm redesigning my website and my business cards with the intention of dropping my site title "Lights and Letters" and just representing myself with my own name. Meagan Francis just wrote about this too. I need something flexible and simple to be able to branch off into different areas when I need to. I need something that will last. I have no idea when it will be done, but I am hoping no later than the end of the year. 

In the midst of all that, I will be taking a writing course with Alice Bradley, visiting Shauna Alterio in Philly for Girl Crush and attending Camp Mighty again. I'm really looking forward to diving more into my writing, being inspired in an art workshop and dusting off my Life List. Also, next month I've got an article coming out in Uppercase Magazine that I'm very excited about and I just learned that a teacher is using my Collaboration illustration in her Student Success college seminar at Santa Monica College. It's very cool stuff. Things are really beginning to happen, slowly but surely.

I've accepted that I'm on a different schedule than many other working women or even other working mothers. Things seem to take longer for me, some days it really feels like a snail's pace. I have so many ideas and so little time to act on them. It's ok though, because there is this:

Cuddling on the couch and building Lego with my boys. It doesn't get much better than that and I am so lucky and grateful that I can choose to drop everything and be with them. Amy at Frugal Mama just wrote a very long post about the business of blogging, what it takes, what you can gain financially and what she feels she has lost in the process. It's an open and honest piece about her own experience. It's a struggle many working mothers face and it sounds to me that rather than decrying blogging as a business, she is re-evaluating her own priorities and re-arranging things to feel better for her.

People always talk about balance. I always talk about balance. It's elusive sometimes. I've realized that there is never a moment of perfect balance, it's really just a process of tipping back and forth and hoping that at the end of the week, or month, or year, you've spent equal amounts of time on each thing that is important to you. Yourself. Your kids. Your husband. Your work. Your passion. Your home. Your friends. Your community. Diving into each bucket and soaking yourself in it and then diving into another one. You can't usually be in two buckets at once, it's much better to fully immerse yourself into each one, enjoy it, get your fill, and then switch to another one.

Some people have just a few buckets. Those people will seemingly get more done than I will. I have a lot of buckets and maybe each one isn't as developed as I would like, but I've got them all, and I love them all, and I need them all. We each need to figure out this grand game of life for ourselves. What works. What we need. There is no one answer, or one way. Try not to look around too much, just know yourself and you will make a good life for yourself.

Enjoy the Fall weather my friends! Enjoy the moment. Live for today.