Charity Water

Charity Water Fundraiser: Custom Artwork! by Leslie

Last year, the attendees of Camp Mighty reached our goal of raising over $20,000 for Charity Water, and partially funded a drilling rig that was sent to Ethiopia. I was so proud to be personally responsible for $550 of that amount, with the fantastic support of my family and friends. I got an email in June that the rig had been fully funded and was on the ground drilling. Here's a picture of "Camp Mighty Team 2" written on the side of "Yellow Thunder." Isn't that awesome? We helped do that!

I'm returning to Camp Mighty this year and that means we are attempting to raise $20,000 for Charity Water again. It's a huge amount of money and we can't do this alone, so once again, I really need your help! You might remember why the efforts of Charity Water are so important:

"Water changes everything. Join Us."

I am responsible for fundraising at least $200 of the total this year, but I know we can raise more than that, can't we?

This year I have decided to give away a *custom piece of art* for EVERY $20 donation made in my name. (That means if you donate $40, you get two!) By custom, I mean your favorite color, your favorite face and you favorite three words will all be combined into one fabulous 4x6 piece of art.

All you have to do is go to our Camp Mighty Charity Water fundraising page, hit the blue "DONATE TO THIS CAMPAIGN button", enter in a donation amount for $20 or more, enter your first and last name and put "for Leslie Fandrich" in the comment section. That last part is super important so I can track all the donations made for me. I will mail you (probably before Christmas, so you could get these as gifts!) a custom piece of art that will include, as I said above, your favorite color, a drawing of you or someone you love and up to three words. Here's an example that I did for myself: Gold + my face + "Sparkle and Shine" = Awesome reminder of what I have to do each day.

Your custom art will be painted and drawn on a 4x6 inch piece of 140 lb watercolor paper. I'll use watercolor or liquid acrylic paint and archival Micron pens. It's perfect for framing however you choose. (The frame above is NOT included.)

Here are some combinations you might want to consider:

  • Blue or Pink + your baby's face + your baby's name = Adorable keepsake.
  • Brown + your dog + speech bubble with "I LOVE YOU" = A reminder of what Buster is thinking all day.
  • Pink + YOU + "Survivor" = Proud breast cancer survivor.
  • Red + your Grandma + "Kick Ass Grandma" = Unique and slightly inappropriate Christmas gift.
  • Silver + Dr. Evil from Austin Powers + "One Million Dollars" = Financial goal and favorite movie quote all in one.

You get the idea, right? Good. Now go donate $20 to one of the best charities on the planet, don't forget to put MY name in the comment area of the donation form, email me (lesliedf at gmail dot com) your preferences for your custom work of art and feel awesome that we are helping to bring clean water and beautiful smiles to people like this:

Charity Water is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit, so all donations made directly to the organization are tax-deductible.

Thank you so much for all your support! This is a great cause, one that I know I will continue to support in the future. It's such a wide spread problem, and such an easy fix.


Mighty Campers are Raising Money for Charity Water by Leslie

I'll be attending Camp Mighty in just a few weeks with over 100 other amazing people and I am beyond excited. This is going to be an experience of a lifetime. Before we arrive in Palm Springs though, we are teaming up to raise money for Charity Water, a wonderful cause that uses 100% of it's donations to drill wells around the world that bring clean water to thousands of people who would otherwise have to walk long distances to gather dirty water. The cause is amazing, and has accomplished so much in just five years, watch this video:

Watch more videos about the great work that Charity Water has done, including Water Changes Everything, and this shocking 30 sec PSA which imagines what would happen if New York had no running water.

Each of the four Camp Mighty teams is responsible for raising $5000 and all together our entire group hopes to donate over $20,000. I'm meeting one of my life list goals (#10 under Giving is "Find a charity to support") by donating $200 for my personal share, but I'd like to see if we can raise more than our goal.

HERE IS WHERE YOU COME IN!! ⇒ Please go to the Camp Mighty - Team 2 page and donate any amount that you are able to, $5, $10 or even $25. Every little bit helps and every penny goes directly towards the materials needed to drill wells in Ethiopia. If you could leave my name in the comment area on the donation form I would appreciate it! 


Anyone who donates $25 to Camp Mighty's Team Two and puts "Leslie at Lights and Letters" in the comments, will receive an 8x10 print (unframed) of their choosing from my Photography Portfolio.
Contact me to arrange delivery.


Charity Water is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit, so all donations made directly to the organization are tax-deductible.

Additionally, you can also purchase items or services from other Mighty Campers that will go towards Charity Water fundraising:

Lisa is selling this fantastic print for $18, with all proceeds being donated towards Charity Water. (She's on my team! Go TEAM!)

Erica will bake you banana bread if you donate more than $25 in her name. Yum!

Amy of Just a Titch was selling a virtual “raffle ticket.” She raised over $300!! Each ticket cost $2 and the lucky winner got a $25 Amazon Gift Card, Homemade brownies, a mix CD and a few other random goodies.

Jamie is raffling off her first generation iPad. It's a 64 GB 3g + wifi iPad and it comes with it's own case and usb charger.  It was $900 when she bought it last year, and the used versions are going for $400 - 500 on eBay right now. But you could win it for $5! How awesome would that be? (She's on TEAM TWO also! You really want a $5 iPad, don't you?)

Eden is raffling off a beautiful necklace that she made, a camera and an Amazon Gift card. 

Alison is selling greeting cards at Thistle Craft Studio and will be donating $1.00 from every card sold to Charity Water. Go buy 10!

Christine from Boston Mamas and Asha from Parent Hacks are teaming up to raffle off a gift basket worth $350! Whoa. You definitely want some of that.

Andrea of Four Flights of Fancy is selling ad space on her blog with 50% of the proceeds being donated to Charity Water. For $20 you'll get a 200x200 button ad for the month of November and the sponsorship will include a dedicated blog post to you and/or your shop!

Megan sold Dalia pins in her Etsy shop, but they sold out in hours! Darn it, I really wanted one!

Kristen of Rage Against the Minivan will promote your business, blog or cause in a future blog post to her huge daily audience for a donation of $50 or more to Team 4 with her name in the comment.

Leah at A Girl and A Boy is giving away a Flip cam. Each raffle ticket is $5 and will get you a friendship bracelet just for entering. She's only accepting the first 40 entries in the raffle, so hurry up!

Mai is making super cute plush Owls with all proceeds going to Charity Water.

Amber is hosting an open bar in NYC, $5 suggested donation with raffle prizes, drink specials all night, full burger menu and a photo booth that hopefully doesn’t suck.

Finally, and again, I will give you an 8x10 print (unframed) from any photograph in my portfolio for every $25 donation to Team 2 with "Leslie at Lights and Letters" in the comment. So far I've raised $350 in addition to the $200 that I put in for myself! That's a total of $550 for Charity Water!! Thanks to everyone who has donated for me: Maddy & Jerry, Pauline, Jill B., Keith & Sue, Robin and Kathleen. You guys rock.


That's all I can find so far, but if more campers create campaigns for donating I will add them here. If you are a Mighty Camper and have created a campaign that you want me to include, just let me know!

Thanks for all your help and support! Stay tuned for updates about my experiences with Camp Mighty and Charity Water.