Clockwork Birds by Leslie

I found these amazing clockwork birds at The Evolution Store in SoHo last week. Aren't they beautiful? They are created by Jim and Tori Mullen and you can see more of these beautiful creatures on their website.

Reading about them on the site, it seems as if this is something that developed after many years of collecting ephemera and making art. From the site:

"In 1991 original decoys were passed on to us and they decorated Jim’s studio for years. In 2006 Jim decided to go through his boxes of old and damaged birds and have some fun.  He combined his love of mixed media with his vast collection of found objects and a new 3-D art form was born."

Now, these pieces are sold for $300 - $400 at stores and galleries all over the United States.

It's inspiring to be reminded that sometimes incredible work comes from years of foundational work and everything that you do will add to and build up your abilities, materials and ideas.

What do you have laying around that could inspire your next project?