Creative Block: Book Review by Leslie Fandrich

I'm so excited to share this book with you! You might remember the author, Danielle Krysa, from the profile I did on her in October of last year. Her new book Creative Block is available pretty much everywhere starting TODAY and what an amazing book it is. Filled with stories, confessions, art and inspiration from 50 different fabulous artists, in it's pages you will discover many insights and strategies on how to deal with creative blocks.

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How to Boost Your Creativity by Leslie Fandrich

I believe that each person has the capacity to be creative in one way or another, whether that be dancing, singing, painting, drawing, crafting, decorating, dressing, gardening, cooking or writing. If we come up with new ideas or insights about anything, we are being creative. Creativity is the soul of life and the more creativity you bring to your life, the richer it will be.

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Yearlong Creative Projects by Leslie Fandrich

Oh how I admire yearlong creative projects. The dedication, the planning and the thought that goes into these just blows me away. I'd like to do my own someday, I think, but for now I will just admire them from afar.

Check out this video. Jonathan Britnell shot video every single day last year and used one second from each day to make this incredibly moving portrait of his life.

Amazing, right?

Last year, Amy Turn Sharp wrote one poem every day, and Lisa Congdon posted an illustrated quote to her blog every day. I loved those two projects and they were so inspiring to me throughout the year.

This year, Lisa is teaming up with Maria Popova from Brain Pickings (one of my favorite places to find cool new ideas) to publish the site The Reconstructionists. It launched today with four portraits and biographies of incredible women who changed the way we see the world. Read more about it on Lisa's blog.

Each Monday they will post a new portrait and I'm looking forward to seeing who they will feature. Joan of Arc? Nora EphronMarie CurieAmelia Earhart? This is such a brilliant idea, I wish I had thought of it myself!

I did some research for my son's science fair last year and I was amazed at the small number of women scientists I could find information for. I used Jane Goodall and Mae Jamison in the materials I prepared and it got me thinking about how we present role models to our young girls (and boys too!) It's so important to present a balanced view of both genders (and all races) so that we can all find someone we can see ourselves in. Hopefully this site will go a long way to making role models for our girls more accessible.

Are there any year-long creative projects that you know of? Are you doing one yourself? Please let me know in the comments!


TED Talks About Innovation, Inspiration and the Creative Process by Leslie

I'm fascinated with the creative process and these two TED Talks by Steven Johnson and Elizabeth Gilbert are helping me understand where new ideas come from and giving me a different way to think about creativity. I watched the Steven Johnson one this morning and I love what he has to say about liquid networks. The Elizabeth Gilbert talk was shared with me in the painting class that I took and her ideas about a creative genius are very interesting. Please let me know what you think in the comments!