Book Launch Event: Bébé Day by Day by Pamela Druckermann by Leslie Fandrich


I was thrilled to photograph the New York book launch party for Pamela Druckermann's new book Bébé Day by Day. Go Mighty hosted the event with Penguin Press at Pasanella and Son in New York and the evening was a delight. Pamela is charming, smart and has lots of great tips about how to relax as a parent, raise thoughtful, respectful children and to let go of the guilt and over-scheduling and really enjoy the time that we have with them.


Throughout the space were chalkboards highlighting some of the tips from the book, like "Tell Your Baby the Truth" and "Let Them Eat Cake" along with delicious food from Elizabeth Stark and Brian Campbell of Brooklyn Supper, art from Laura Trevey and Caravan Shoppe, and chocolate from Mast Brothers.

My favorite tips from the book are these:

  • Calm is Better for the Baby
  • Tell Your Baby the Truth
  • Let Kids Cook
  • Back Off at the Playground
  • Give Kids Lots of Chances to Practice Waiting
  • Give Kids Meaningful Chores
  • Show Kids You Have a Life Apart from Them
  • Say "Yes" as Often as You Can

Of course, with any parenting book, you have to choose what works for you and focus on that. Not everything in this book was for me. My feelings and choices about sleep in our family are still pretty in line with attachment parenting principles, but overall I found these keys to French parenting are focused on finding balance, calm and mutual respect with your children. All wonderful things to strive for in a family.

To see the rest of the pictures from the evening, visit the Go Mighty Flickr stream and to order Pamela's book, visit Amazon.

Through my Lens: Friday at ALT by Leslie

I have already done posts about being photographed at ALT by the event photographers and by the wonderful Karen Walrond and about the photowalk that I went on with Tracy Clark. Today I'd like to share my own photographs of the beautiful people that I met and the fabulous things that I saw on Friday at ALT. I will just let the pictures speak for themselves. I will say that I wished I had taken MORE pictures, but I often struggle with being present and in the moment versus documenting the things that I am doing. They are two very different things for me and it's hard to switch between the two. For ALT, I left my camera in my room on Thursday and bought it down for Friday afternoon and the mini-parties. I guess a little glimpse is better than nothing. Enjoy! And if I captured you, leave me comment and let me know what you think. xo

Nicole from Making It Lovely and Heather from No Pasa Nada.

Jenny from Freckle Wonder, Rachelle from Kenziepoo and Alix from Modern Kiddo.

Erin from Design For Mankind and Susan from The Working Closet.

Maggie from Mighty Girl and Gabrielle from Design Mom.

Laura from Blog Con Queso and Gretchen Rubin of The Happiness Project.

Mara from A Blog About Love.

Melanie from Inward Facing Girl, Jill from Terra Savvy, Bri from Design Love Fest and Anne from The City Sage.

William and Susan from the House of Brinson, Gabriel from The Artful Desperado and Julie from Superfly Lullabies.

Mae from Here in This House, Tracey from Shutter Sisters, Lindsey from The Mod Chik and Meaghan from Life Refocused.

Dayna from Your Yoko and Jess from I Rock So What.

Megan from Not Martha.

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