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Photo Walk Fridays: Meatpacking District, NYC by Leslie

This week's Photo Walk Friday is super special! Months ago, I asked if anyone wanted to join me for a photo walk in the city. Sandra from Raincoast Cottage, in Vancouver, emailed to tell me she was planning a trip to New York and would love to meet up. Over the next few weeks we emailed back and forth trying to figure out when and where we would go. We finally settled on the Meatpacking District of NYC, just south of Chelsea.

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Photo Walk Fridays: Cleveland, Ohio by Leslie

I loved everything about our short trip to Cleveland for an event celebrating an exhibit of photographs from Chris's book at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Our hotel was in the incredible Arcade building and I felt like I had gone back in time. These first eight pictures are from there. It was gorgeous. Right outside the building was East 4th Street which is filled with outdoor patios and Xmas lights strung up everywhere. It was lunchtime and full of people and energy.

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Photo Walk Fridays: Chinatown, NYC by Leslie

Chinatown, New York City

I haven't been to Chinatown in New York in a long time. I used to go frequently when I lived in the city, and have taken visitors there even after I moved out of Manhattan, but hadn't been there for at least six years. I was craving some traditional Vietnamese Phở soup, which I can't get anywhere upstate. Chris and I wandered around and I found myself in all my favorite spots. If you visit Chinatown, be sure to venture off of the touristy Canal Street and search for the smaller side streets (like Doyers Street) to the south where you can find some authentic and original shops. I've listed all the places we visited at the end of the post.

Places We Visited:

Columbus Park: This park is a haven in a busy and densely populated area, with lots of older Asian men and women playing Mah Jong and cards. There was a band playing traditional music and it was all very charming. 

Pell and Doyers Street: These are my favorite streets in Chinatown and many of the pictures above were shot there. Doyers is a pedestrian only street and the easiest place in Chinatown to pretend to go back in time. 

Tings: On the corner of Pell and Doyers, this teeny tiny gift shop has it all packed in. I bought the paper animal mobile that hung above Milo and Quinn's cribs in this shop.

CoCo Fashion: I loved this adorable shop on Doyers street and bought 2 cute tops in great colors.

Phở Bang: Delicious and affordable food at this Mott Street Vietnamese restaurant. Phở, spring rolls, Vietnamese coffee and pork chops. Yum. Decor is standard and plain, but the service is fast and friendly.

Thanks for joining me on my photo walk of Chinatown! It's such a vibrant part of the city, filled with amazing sights and experiences that you won't soon forget. Have you been there? What are your favorite places to visit? Can you recommend a good restaurant?

I highly recommend getting out and seeing what kind of sights you can capture on your own photo walk. It works anywhere! Country road, big city or anything in between. If you are in the area and you would like to join me for a local walk, or if you have a visted a good spot that I should check out, please let me know. Until next time!

Photo Walk Fridays: Nolita, NYC by Leslie

Nolita, New York City

To the east of Soho, where it's less crowded, is one of my favorite spots in New York City. Nolita (North of Little Italy) is contained within Houston Street on the north, Broome Street on the south, Lafayette Street on the west and the Bowery on the east. Compared to Soho there are smaller, independent shops and a quainter, neighborhood vibe.

My husband and I met my friend Amber on Sunday after our Camp Mighty Reunion, for brunch at Café Gitane and then we walked around Nolita taking pictures. I took pictures of the urban landscape and Amber took pictures of me. I LOVE her shots of me and I put the three pictures that I was taking below in the same order as her shots.

First though, shots from Café Gitane. Baked eggs are one of my favorite things lately, you might remember I also had them during my Valentine's Day photo walk (that was pre-photo walk Fridays.) We also had yummy avocado on toast and the mint tea was amazing and came in a little glass instead of a tea cup.  Check out all the places that we visited in Nolita at the bottom of the post.

The next three images are the shots that I captured while Amber took pictures of me, in the same order as her shots:

I love shooting the street! I find so many great juxtapositions and contrasts, between colors, textures and the things that people leave behind. I love graffiti, street art and when paper and posters are peeled, ripped and overlapping. The layers upon layers are just so beautiful. It's similar to the beauty I see in an abandoned building. Also, have a look at the two bicycle pictures above and below. It's the SAME bike. I saw it in two different places within 30 minutes of each other. I'd love to know the story behind that bike. (Check out the third picture on this page, is that the same bike?)

Places We Visited:

Café Gitane: A trendy, small, French cafe on Mott Street at Prince. There have been a number of movies filmed there and there is a new location on the west side in the Jane Hotel. I loved the baked eggs, avacado toast and mint tea.

Germania Bank Building: Most of the graffiti that I photographed was on the old Germania Bank building. I was sure that this building was abandoned, but it is in fact owned and lived in by the photographer Jay Maisel. The whole building is his house. Talk about epic! I was not all that familiar with his work, though his name did sound familiar. He hosts workshops at his home/building and for $5000 you can live with him there for 5 days and immerse yourself in his world. Incredible.

Armor Lux: This tiny, beautiful shop on Mulberry is where that adorable dog hangs out. His name is Chainsaw. Chainsaw! Isn't that an awesome name? The shop owner, Rachael, was the sweetest person ever. Her shop is the first one in the US outside of France. We bought a Wool and the Gang Foxy Roxy scarf knitting kit as a gift for Chris's Mom's birthday. She loved it. I will be sure to go back and visit the next time I am in Nolita.

McNally Jackson Bookstore: We love book stores and McNally Jackson is one of the best. I spent a good amount of time browsing the magazines and listening to two hipsters discuss art. It was funny and painful at the same time. They have a cafe, a great kids section and they specialize in everything good.

Have you been to Nolita? What are your favorite places to visit? Thanks for joining me again for a Photo Walk! See you next Friday.