"The Heroine's Journey" in Warwick, NY / by Leslie Fandrich

If you didn't get a chance to attend either of my shows earlier this year in Beacon or Cold Spring, now is your chance! I'm thrilled with the opportunity to present the best of both exhibitions, plus work that I have not shown before, in my hometown of Warwick, NY. 

Please join me at
The Conscious Fork
14 Railroad Ave, Warwick NY
Saturday, November 28th from 5 - 7pm.

There will be tasty vegan snacks by Kim Gabelmann of the Conscious Fork, a cash bar and beautiful ambient sounds by Craig Chin from Errant Space. Event Listing on Facebook.

All work hanging at the Conscious Fork is available for purchase. Art makes a unique and special gift for yourself or someone you love. Prices range from $150 for a 7x7" framed collage on mat board to $1650 for a 36x36" collage on cradled wood panel. All works are ready to hang and available for pickup when the show closes in January. I can provide a printout of the work with all the details to be opened on Christmas Day or a gift certificate so your recipient can pick out a piece themselves. There are also show catalogs available for $16. 

If you cannot make it to the opening tomorrow, the work will be up until January. Stop by and check it out and while you are there order some of Kim's amazing food. My favorites are Kim's Reuben or a rice bowl with hummus, avocado, caramelized onions, carrots and the ginger tamari dressing. And I swear the Sundance wellness shot has kept all viruses at bay for the last year. I have not gotten sick since I began taking them!


When I began making these collages I was working very intuitively. I selected and arranged images to represent feelings, memories and stories that I couldn’t express with words. I was exploring my identity and my history and as I created collage after collage I dug a little deeper. Looking back on this body of work I see that I was mapping out a journey. Not just my own personal journey, though that is represented here, but also the journey of a universal archetype. These collages contain the challenges women face, the way women have overcome barriers and disadvantage, the kind of power that women hold, the characteristics that are honored and reviled and the places that women have been and are seeking to go.

Much of the research that I did on archetypes was on a website called TV Tropes. I was reading about all the female characters and I noticed something. Most of the strong women described were violent or dangerous. There were only a few positive female role models and for the most part I was finding problematic and limited characters for women in contemporary media. Apparently it is really hard to create female characters that have complexity and a back story and that are compelling and appealing to a wider audience.

Things ARE beginning to change though and we are starting to see a wider range of kick ass female characters in movies, books and TV shows, but in the meantime I needed to find other sources. The books “Women Who Run With Wolves” and “The Heroine’s Journey: Woman’s Quest for Wholeness” finally began to provide me with archetypes and ancient mythologies about women that made sense to me. They illuminated my own story and helped me figure out the essence of what I was trying to express in my artwork.