Try Something Magical #1: Blow Bubbles / by Leslie Fandrich


My Mom's parting note to my sister and me really struck a chord with you guys. It's inspiring to be told to Try something magical, isn't it? I plan to make good on her wish for us. Over the next year I am going to photograph and write about magical things we can try in our lives. You can follow along, or join in on Twitter with the hashtag #trysomethingmagical. 


The first one is easy. Blow Bubbles.

Go to the store. Get bubbles. Go outside. Blow them.

If you have a kid around, bring them too. Kids always add magic just being themselves, and they especially like bubbles. I have pictures of my Mom blowing bubbles for me when I was two years old, for my nephew and also for Milo. It was her go-to magical thing to do for kids. They LOVE it. My cousin made a video about an epic bubble blowing session in my parent's backyard. Trust me, it's the cheapest and easiest way to add a little magic in your life. If you want to get fancy you can also try blowing BIG bubbles or blowing LOTS of bubbles. You can even make your own bubble blowing solution.

Blow bubbles for strangers in the park. Blow bubbles for your pet. Blow bubbles in the shower. Blow bubbles at a wedding. Blow bubbles professionally...

Don't forget! If you try something magical, please let me know on Twitter with the hashtag #trysomethingmagical.