How To Make A Vision Board / by Leslie Fandrich

Last Fall I made a vision board in Karen Walrond's Pathfinder class. It was a great exercise to visually set out some goals for the year and I was excited to do a new one. This year, it's all about embracing my edgier side, emphasizing my art and FOCUS.


I'm really happy with this year's board and I'm excited to see some of these things manifest in my life.

Have you ever made a vision board? Here are my tips:

  • Choose about five magazines to pull images from. Make sure the magazine are ones that you read and love. Just any old magazine will not do.
  • Go through the magazines and pull out ANY images that appeal to you, for any reason. Color, words, imagery or just a "feeling". Don't worry about why you are picking images, just pull them out and make a pile.
  • After you have a good stack of images, lay them all out on the floor. At this point, you can do some journalling about why certain images appeal to you. Maybe they relate to things on your life list, or maybe they represent certain ideas to you. Write the reasons down if you like. This year, I didn't journal about my images, I just let my instincts lead me.
  • Get poster board, a canvas or some other stiff surface to use as the base for your collage. Begin to arrange the images in a way that appeals to you. Maybe you want to pair certain images with certain words. For me, I laid out all the images first and then added the words later. Not all of your images will fit, so pick the ones that you like the best and place those on your canvas first. Arrange the rest of the images around the most important ones.
  • Glue the images down with a glue stick, mod podge or rubber cement. Really, any kind of glue will work. Some glues make the images curl or warp a little, that's ok, just keep pressing down the edges and they will eventually stick.
  • Once it's finished, select one word to guide you for the year, and place it in the middle. I used white paint and outlined it with a black Sharpie marker, but you could print something out on your printer or draw it on a separate piece of paper and glue that down too.
  • Hang it on the wall to catch your eye any time you need inspiration.

If you wanted to do something that was a little less work, you can just tack images to a bulletin board, although, I do love the permanence of doing it with glue on a canvas. If you have any left over images, don't throw them away! Make a collage in your sketchbook with double stick tape or save them for next year.

Good luck making your own vision board! I'd love to see pictures if you do your own.