Finding Power: Women of Courage, Passion and Character

Despair Event Horizon - The line that, once crossed, destroys any last remaining sense of hope. It could be for a cause, a person, a situation, or simple survival.

Power is a strange thing. It is at once a thing that many of us want and yet a thing that we realize can be corrupted, abused and exploited for the wrong reasons. After working on this theme for the last few months I wonder, how can I define finding power in a positive way?

It's a power that comes from within, not a power held over others. It's a personal power, not a positional power. And it's a power that is gained with an understanding of powerlessness.

Feminine power derives its strength from intuition and ancient wisdom. It is often cooperative and community focused and can have a sense of being connected to nature. The power that women are capable of holding is not to be feared or dismissed. Feminine power brings with it social, economic and cultural benefits. It is a valuable part of our struggle to be in balance and without it we are not realizing the full potential of our families, our work and our societies. 

Artist Statement

In creating these artworks I worked through my own understanding of power and found that conceptually I kept returning to the times that I felt powerless. The moments in my life that I felt despair, or had been manipulated or treated like an object, were the times that I most wanted to revisit and reclaim a sense of power.

Slut Shaming

Empowering myself is what I mean when I think about finding power. It's about feeling strong and capable. It's about trusting my instincts. It's about being bold and brave and unafraid to assert myself. It's about being vulnerable and making mistakes and correcting my path. It's about having integrity and being truthful. It’s about courage, passion and character.

The Underground Forest

The place that we go to mature and grow. It's where the healing happens. Where we leave behind our victimization and begin to thrive. 

Bitch Goddess

She's tough, has a golden brain, and the power of a Mama Bear comes forth from between her legs. She is the ideal woman to transform into.

The Hecate Sisters

Three aspects of women are  represented. The Maiden, The Mother and The Crone. Hecate was a Greek Goddess with three faces.